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Hair Relationship Status: It's Complicated

Hair Relationship Status: It's Complicated

Like many a whirlwind (or shall we say, blow dried) romance, a women’s relationship with her hair is a sometimes not so healthy balance of love and hate. Depending on the day, your hair can be your best friend or your sworn enemy. The whims of your locks can make or break a look, not to mention your mood. Here’s what four women had to say about the ups and downs of their relationship with their main manes.

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Relationships Are Hard Work

Very few of us are blessed with strands that don’t require occasional, if not daily TLC. And all that effort can mean not much energy to go out and try new things.

“I hate having to blow dry my hair, but I love the result. But I hate having to style it, so I’m never creative or adventurous with unique hairdos.” - Margaux, 29

Ah yes, blowing out your own hair is a very tricky beast. (By the way, we hear there’s an app for that!) And every now and then, when you sort of get it right, who has the energy or wants to risk the results on something fancy, like an updo or a fancy braid?

Long Distance Is Tough

Where you live can work on a number on the health and appearance of your hair. Local weather and pollution all have their say on how your hair looks and feels.

“In Paris, the water is so mineralized, it can make your hair quite brittle, and take the shine right out. I do miss having shiny hair.” - Jordan, 28

See, loving your hair can be tough, even in the City of Love. Hard water is a common urban problem and can make your hair feel more difficult to wash and feel rough to the touch. Pro tip: investing in a cheap filter for your shower head can mitigate some of those damaging effects.

 Image:  Kerastase

Image: Kerastase

It’s Not Just The Water That Runs Hot And Cold

Hair: can’t live with it, can’t live without it.  Every girl has contemplated cutting metaphorical and literal ties with her hair at some point.

“I love it, but I want to get rid of it. Or I want it around some days but not others, like an ex who was good in bed and that’s about it. It’s just so curly and confused, and long and messy. Again, this sounds like my relationship with my ex.” - Josie, 28

If you have curly hair, your relationship with your mane can be especially turbulent. Things can get awful kinky… and not always in a fun way. But at the end of the day, perfectly coiffed curls are well worth the struggle.

You Can Get Too Attached

Despite the ups and downs, women can grow pretty attached to their tresses, and not always in a healthy way. Codependence isn’t cute, not with a partner and definitely not with your hair.

“I’m a ginger. So that comes with it’s own set of baggage. But I recently had around 15 inches cut off and it gave me a huge wake up call about how reliant on my hair i was for my self-confidence. For years I had refused to cut my hair, going years between trims. It had got sooooo long and I was terrified about cutting it. Once it was all gone, I realized that I had been using it as some kind of security blanket, and I now notice other things about myself that i like.” - Sophie, 32.

While we’re all for a blowout induced confidence boost, it’s important to remember that you are not your hair. Just like you are not your weight, or any other part of you that’s superficial. Remember: learning to love your hair is important, but it’s not as important as loving your bada** self.

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