We're serious about beauty, and even more serious about ending animal cruelty. Stick around and learn about all things hair, trends and even spot a puppy or two. 

Cruelty-Free Brands Who Love Animals As Much As We Do

Cruelty-Free Brands Who Love Animals As Much As We Do

Here at PRÊTE, we LOVE animals. In fact, love might be a bit of an understatement. Our office regularly features at least three dogs who spend their days lap hopping, being slipped Uber Eats delivered foodie treats under the desks and languishing around on the foyer couch or various dog beds we have scattered throughout the office. 

Our awesome staff, when not discussing dry shampoo and gel nails, are usually posting cute animal videos on Facebook, stalking animal celebrities (like Wally the rabbit) on Instagram, and openly fantasizing about one day opening their own animal shelters. 

It's a wonder we get any actual work done. 

Oh, and we give a portion of our profits to the Johns Hopkins University Program to end animal testing. 

The well-being of our furry friends is very important to us, so while we can't completely control the products our partner salons use, we encourage the use of cruelty free product lines as much as possible. 

But what products are cruelty-free? With thousands of options available to us, it is very difficult to know the good from the bad. With the help of Cruelty Free Kitty and The Leaping Bunny Program, we have put together a list of our favorite hair products that are not tested on animals. And scroll to the bottom for some tips on what to look for when buying a new product, and where to find more a comprehensive list of cruelty-free beauty brands


Oribe - Their Dry Texturizing Spray is one of our faves for it's incredible volumizing abilities. But this animal loving line includes a whole range of hair products from shampoo and conditioner to root touch up sprays. 

Paul Mitchell - all Paul Mitchel products, including their in salon hair dyes, are cruelty free. So next time you are getting your color done, be sure to ask your stylist for Paul Mitchell. 

Moroccan Oil - This nourishing hair line has also expanded to include body products such as moisturizers and fragrances, as well as sun protection. None of which are tested on animals. 

Lush - Handmade cosmetics brand Lush produces hundreds of products for bath, body and hair. All of which smell good enough to eat. Our favorite is their Big Shampoo, which give hair tons of volume and leaves it extra shiny. They also make an awesome dry shampoo which smells like fresh grapefruit. Yum. 

Smart Beauty -  This awesome line of animal friendly hair dyes includes pastels, ombre and natural colors so you can change your hair color as often as you want, without hurting one furry friend. 

When shopping for new hair and beauty products make sure you always read the labels. The Leaping Bunny logo (see below) will be featured on the packaging, and designates the product as cruelty-free, or NOT tested on animals. 

For a more comprehensive list of Cruelty Free Products, click HERE

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