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Summer Hair Problems: Solved!

Summer Hair Problems: Solved!

Bikinis, beaches, and bad hair? Summer has arrived and our hair is facing a major conflict; We love our beachy waves and golden highlights, but hate frizzy, untamed, lifeless locks.

The combination of heat, salt, and sun, and one to many cannonballs takes a major toll on our hair. Luckily, we have some genius solutions to the inescapable annoyance of summer hair! 

Problem: Greasy Hair

It hasn’t even been 24 hours since you last washed your hair but somehow, someway your hair is greasy. You know it’s bad to over wash your hair but you have a date and just need your hair to behave!

Solution: Dry Shampoo. Dry Shampoo saves lives, it’s super easy to use, portable, and available for purchase at most drug and beauty stores. Be sure to pay attention to the label when purchasing as some dry shampoo is tinted for different hair colors. Favorites for any budget: PureologyInstant Dry ShampooKlorane Dry Shampoo). 

Problem: Chemical Stripped Hair

Swimming and Splashing in the pool is the ultimate summer activity but it’s important to keep your hair's health in mind. The goal is to avoid breakage and split-ends at all costs!

Solution: Prepare your hair: hydration is key. Before heading to the pool, coat the ends of your hair with a moisturizing conditioner. Black Vanilla’s leave in conditioner is perfect for dry, dull, or brittle hair!

Problem: The dreaded chlorine-green tint...Yuck!

I’m talking to you blondies! As mentioned earlier, chlorine and your hair are not friends. When chlorine is absorbed it damages your hair often resulting in a green/teal tint.

Solution: Rinse, Rinse, Rinse. Rinse your hair with tap water before taking a dip. This prevents chemical-laden water from absorbing and damaging your hair. Forgot to rinse? Try a chlorine-removing shampoo; if you have lighter hair Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash is the product for you!

Problem: Sun-Triggered Hair-color fading

Whether you just spent hundreds of dollars coloring your hair or did it yourself, no one likes when their color fades.

Solution: Flop on a hat. If hats aren’t your style, that’s ok! Coat your hair with a UV protectant; Dry bar’s Hot Toddy protects against harmful UV rays AND hair styling tools! Accessorize your look and throw on anything from an oversized floppy hat to a simple baseball cap. The goal is to cover and protect as much of your hair as possible. 

Problem: Humidity stricken frizz

We can all agree, humidity is the worst. Besides making you hot and sticky, it makes your beautiful locks turn into a lifeless, frizzy mess. 

Solution: Anti-Frizz and smoothing serums. When your hair is super-dry the moisture in the air absorbs into it, resulting in a frizzy-fro. Fight the frizz with a hydrating or Giovanni’s Frizz be Gone.

Problem: Hair texture gone haywire

Heat, sun, and salt sound like a great combination if we’re referring to a beach getaway. Unfortunately for our hair the trio results in an untamed mane.

Solution: Take control and slick it back.  A sleek, smooth-front is the answer to masking a multitude of  hair sins. Be sure to use a hair tie that will cause the least amount of breakage- coat your elastic hair tie or invest in snag-free hair ties. 

Fashionable and Affordable hair ties: CyndiaBandsInvisiBobbleL. Erickson Cuff Ponytail

Problem: You’re putting your hair up ALOT. 

It’s hot out and your neck is on fire, so naturally you put it up in a pony. A few weeks later and you now have breakage and fly away’s popping out all over.

Solution: Become a Braid Guru. You can never go wrong with a simple, elegant french braid. If you’re up for something a little more challenging, follow this step-by-step guide to achieve the ultimate braid! 

Problem: You desperately want sun-kissed highlights

Summer is the perfect time to re-amp your look but finding time in your busy schedule- aka sipping margaritas poolside all day- seems like an impossible task.

Solution: Lemon Juice. Lighten up your locks with all natural highlights! Just squeeze the juice of one lemon into a spray bottle, add water, and spritz through wet locks before laying out. Make sure to comb through your hair to prevent knotting.

Problem: Your scalp is as red as a tomato

Let’s face it, our scalp is not the first thing to come in mind when lathering on sunscreen, and sometimes our hair is just too perfect to wear hat.

Solution: Sunscreen. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT skip the sunscreen. It is crucial to protect our skin from the sun and that includes our scalp! If you are worried about a lotion greasing up your hair, there are powder alternatives with the same protection power. Check out Bare Minerals, Natural Sunscreen Powder or pour First Aid Beauty’s sunscreen in a spray bottle and dilute with water.

Problem: Bang Induced Breakouts

For the most part, we can prevent breakouts; A healthy diet and consistent skin care regimen will keep pores and skin clean and healthy, but unfortunately it’s not a guarantee.

Solution: End the cycle and pull back your hair. Having bangs in the summer takes a toll on our skin. Hair product + sweat= Acne. To avoid the horrible reality of a breakout, pull back your bangs with a headband or embellished bobby pin! If you like a more simplistic look, go to your local drugstore and pick up clips that match your hair color.

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