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Do You BYOB (Bring Your Own Brush)?

Do You BYOB (Bring Your Own Brush)?

Thick hair ✓ Long Hair✓ Fine hair, urgh ✓.  My hair is a true enigma, stick straight, can’t hold body, very shiny, has this crazy curl thing in the back that started 4 years ago, and don’t get me started on my part that truly has a life of its own. 

So when I find a hair tool that can help detangle, smooth and shape my hair, you better believe I will scream its praises from the rooftops and totally be that girl that brings said brush to each blowout appointment!  Below are my top 5 favorite hair brushes – what's yours? And do you BYOB? Let us know in the comments. 



Prior to finding Bb prep by Bumble & Bumble I was still using No More Tangles like a 6 year old child to get through my wickedly tangled mop.  Nothing else worked…..that is, until I found the love of my life…..the brush of all brushes…..the Queen Bee!  No fancy name with this brush, simply titled Removal Brush by Sheila Stotts, this baby will breeze through any mess like a hot knife through butter!



The EX Series brushes by Ibiza Hair are by far the best brushes I have ever found that can easily smooth, make your hair shiny and create that signature ‘flip’ for the ideal blowout.  Not to mention they are super lightweight so your arm will still be able to function after use!



Retailing from around $100 to upwards of $230 this magic brush is super gentle and is for all hair types.  Wondering if the steep price is worth it?  Well, do you want to tame frizz and flyaway’s and add tons of shine?  I promise you, brush your hair every night before bed and your scalp will be stimulated and you will distribute natural oils so when you wake up every morning your hair will look like Goldilocks, minus the drama!



Big hair, don’t care!  This little beauty is the perfect tool to transition limp locks to downright 'Dallas' worthy volume.  Super easy to use, the Marilyn Teasing Brush is both functional (it has this sharp endy-thing that helps with sectioning) as well as efficient. The two rows of bristles help to quickly accomplish that perfect volume.



I had a stylist once tell me that at minimum, every girl needs around 8 round brushes.  Well, I fell short at 4, but this is definitely one of my favorites.  Ideal for people with longer hair, the version I use has a barrel size of 4, but GHD truly has an amazing selection for any hair type/style.  Want picture-perfect curls and volume every time, make this your new bff – just don’t feel obligated to buy it a friendship necklace!

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