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Try These Tricks For Thicker, Fuller Hair

Try These Tricks For Thicker, Fuller Hair

We all dream of waking up with a beautiful, thick, full head of hair.  Unfortunately, for most of us this is a dream that will never come true. Our hair’s texture is determined by our gene pool (thanks Mom and Dad) and according to science there is not much we can do about it.

But, we don't have to let genetics crush our dreams. Use these life-changing hair tricks and you may even have science fooled!

The cut is key

Everyone’s hair is different but for us ladies with thin or fine hair, the right hair cut makes all the difference. Next time you are at the salon have your stylist add in a few extra layers and let them know what you're aiming for. This will give your hair a fuller, more textured appearance when styled.

Be careful not to over do it, "Too much layering can actually cause your hair to look even thinner," says celebrity stylist Mika Fowler, of Kim Vo Salon in Beverly Hills.

Part ways with your part

If cutting your hair seems like to much of a commitment, don’t worry. Instead, try switching where you part your hair. “Wearing your hair parted the same way every day trains strands to stay flat,” says Justine Santaniello, founder of Just Haves. “Comb your hair toward the opposite side for an easy way to add some volume.”

Choose & use wisely

Product has an amazing way of taming and transforming our hair when it is used correctly. Chose a Volumizing shampoo and conditioner, such as Paul Mitchell's Extra Body shampoo and conditioner, whose formulas cleanse gently without stripping the hair. 

TIP: place conditioner only on the mid-shafts and ends of your hair and avoid your scalp where the conditioner could trap oil and weigh hair down.

Stock up on Dry Shampoo

Washing your locks too frequently can strip the oils from your hair causing it to dry out. So the longer you can wait between washes, the better. For off days use try using Batiste. This will help absorb excess oil, dirt and odor, and also help to add volume for those with fine hair texture. 

Blow-Dry Correctly

Blow-drying everyday (especially high-heat) is harmful to your hair and should be limited to once every 4 or 5 days. If you are out of town and not getting a PRÊTE blowout from a pro, try blow drying your hair in the opposite direction to its growth pattern. This will maximize its potential volume, leaving hair full and bouncy.

Skip The Serums And Leave In Conditioners

After a blow dry avoid heavy serums and styling products as they tend to weigh down hair, making it appear flat and in some cases greasy. Reach for a powder or texturizing spray instead to give it that extra va-va-voom. We recommend ORIBE, it gives your hair a lush look with just the right amount of texture and hold, it also smells amazing and is cruelty free of course!

The How-To: Perfect Hair 24/7

The How-To: Perfect Hair 24/7

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