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Five Quick Hair Tips To Beat The Heat 

Five Quick Hair Tips To Beat The Heat 

Summer finally arrived and in typical fashion it showed up with a bang…bringing 100 degree heat and a wave of humidity. Two things that = utter disaster for your hair. 

So what’s a girl to do when temperatures soar and her hair starts to misbehave?

Here are five quick tips that can help you make the best of a hot, bad hair situation:

Get Oily

Grease, no. Oil, YES! Reduce frizz, protect from split ends and protect your hair from sun damage by slicking on a weekly oil treatment. We are fans of coconut oil which has no end to benefits to your hair in these drying times. Once a week, cover your hair in the stuff, let it sit for at least 30 minutes, then shampoo thoroughly. The PRÊTE Team has been using Island Fresh Organic Coconut Oil to minimize the frizz and keep our hair protected this summer. 

Give The Blowouts A Break

While your hair dryer / curling iron might seem like your best friend when the humidity ups the frizz factor, adding extra heat to your hair will, in reality, only damage your hair making it more frizzy in the long run. Try to cut down on the curlers and straighteners, maybe to just once a week, during these hot summer months. And this means cutting back on the blow dryer too! Limit your blow outs to once every 5 days. Check out these awesome suggestions for heat free hair styles.

Sleep On Silk

We spend half our lives in bed. Really. The friction caused by your hair rubbing against your pillows can actually cause damage to your hair. Try switching out your pillow case to a silk one. Not only will it cause less static and friction to the hair, it can also reduce oils AND help your blowout last longer! Plus its good for your skin too, and can reduce the onset of wrinkles. BONUS! We love the one by Lulusilk, made from 100% Mulberry Silk. 

No Poo

Shampooing your hair every day strips it of its natural oils which act as a protectant and conditioner. When the heat rises, your hair needs these more than ever to ensure it stays healthy. So in the summer months, cut down on the shampooing as much as possible. Aim for once every 3-4 days. And if the grease takes over, reach for the dry shampoo. We love Batiste, R+Co and Oribe.  

Remember SPF

Your hair needs protection from the sun, just like your skin. And there is honestly no worse feeling than a burnt hair parting - which basically makes your head feel like your scalp has been pulled way too tight. Yikes. So alway spray on a hair protectant that contains SPF when you are out in the sun, or keep your barnet covered with a hat. Paul Mitchell Sun Shield Conditioning Spray is one of our favorites. 


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