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5 Easy Bun Trends if You’re Over Top Knots

5 Easy Bun Trends if You’re Over Top Knots

Was last year’s top knot your go-to hairstyle? This Fall, that feels a little stale - so we’re saying our goodbyes to the top knot and saying hellooo to these five bun trends instead. Relaxed, sophisticated, and sassy are just a few styles that you can accomplish with these stunning buns, perfectly updated for 2017.  

Low Messy Bun

You can never go wrong with a low messy bun. I mean who doesn’t love rolling out of bed, throwing your hair in a low bun and going with it? Not to mention how cute you look. This style gives you the relaxed, yet put together vibe that everyone loves, especially on a Monday morning.

 The low messy bun will never fail you - the messier the better!

Bun style 1.jpg

Low Braided Bun

We like to think of this style as the sophisticated yet friendly low bun. The overall look of this bun is serious enough for a work or date but cute enough to let your sassy side show. With a flip of the ponytail and tucking, it becomes a faux-braided beauty. Just two minutes of your time to ditch the top knot and look like a total babe. Could it be any more perfect? 

Bun style 2.jpg

Effortless Messy Bun

The effortless messy bun may take more than one try, we get it. But don’t worry - the second try is always the best! Being able to throw your hair up and out of the way while looking adorable is a success in our book. This bun style will definitely give you a trendy look with little to no effort - a much better look than the overly perfect top knot.

messy bun.jpg

Reversed Braided Bun

Did you decide to have a last minute girls night out? Even if you are mentally ready for a GNO, we understand your hair might not be. Don’t worry, the reversed braided bun can be your go-to style for times like these. This style offers a fun change in your bun game, and the unexpected braid gives us all the feels. 

Bun style 4.jpg

Twisted Bun Pigtails

Who says adults can’t wear pigtails? We think of this as “Zenon meets 2017” and we’re loving it. These twisted buns are perfect for a casual fall day, the morning you slept through your alarm, or even a night out. It’s amazing what a couple of front twists and low buns can do to your look. With these bun pigtails, you are all set for a new day! 

Bun style 5.jpg

Make sure you keep these bun styles in your back pocket for when you’re on day three of your blowout and need a little pick-me-up (without having to resort to a boring top-knot). We promise, they will not disappoint you or your lovely locks.

Photos courtesy of Livingly

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