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The Ultimate Hair Brush Guide

The Ultimate Hair Brush Guide

We’ve all been there before: you’re in the store staring at rows and rows of brush options, but not sure which one you want or which one you need. Choices can be overwhelming! Fear not, because we’ve broken down the most popular brushes and their details, below.

The Paddle Brush

This brush is the most popular of them all. It is best for medium to long hair girls that fight with tangles every day! The paddle brush is perfect while blow drying or after your hair is dried. This is a staple and universal brush style that we love, and if you’re only planning on investing in one brush, we highly suggest making this your go-to.  

Paddle Brush.jpeg

Ceramic Round Brush

Wet hair and in need of the perfect blow drying brush? The ceramic round brush is the best choice for a smooth finished blowdry. Not only can you cut dry time with this brush, but your curls will look stunning! P.S. all hair types and lengths welcome with the ceramic brush.

ceramic brush.jpeg

Fine Tooth Comb

We all hate those crazy fly aways - but they can be tamed with the help of a fine tooth comb. Combs are great especially for flat locks to back tease and provide volume. This tool is also perfect to work through bangs to create a finished look. The fine tooth comb never disappoints.

fine comb.jpg

Wide Tooth Comb

This comb is for the medium to long haired girls out there. The wide teeth on the comb are designed to go through wet hair tangles, making it safe to use post-shower. It helps keep your hair strong and healthy when it is at it’s weakest point! The versatile tool is a great item for any girl to have at arms reach in their bathroom. 

wide comb.jpg
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