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Natural Waves

Check out these products for those natural beach  hair days we all love.

1.     Living Proof (PhD) In-Shower Styler

We found an easy way to style your hair on hot summer days, in the shower. Say hello to perfect air-dried hair!

Wow, genius!

2.     Bumble + Bumble Surf Spray

They have been making waves since 2001 and they are still our go to. This is great for all hair types and creates a lightweight finish with some extra lift.

3.Paul Mitchell Moisture Mist

This will be your fav for quick touch ups as it reactivates the days styling products, hydrates dry hair, and adds softness and shine to hair.

Keep that summer blowout running strong with these special summer stylers, you can thank us later. #readypretego


Because Dad is...

Because Dad is...

Our Blowout Protection Secret

Our Blowout Protection Secret