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What To Tell Your Stylist To Get The Perfect Blowout

What To Tell Your Stylist To Get The Perfect Blowout

A picture is worth a thousand words

Many of us like our hair done in a very specific way, whether it’s Dolly-Parton big, or 90s Jen Aniston sleek. And when explaining your preferences, words will only get you so far. Words like “bouncy” are relative, and may mean something very different to you than to your stylist. Best to come prepared with a picture or two that captures your hair on one of its better days. A picture with a side view always helps too.

Condition appropriately

If you’re someone with oily hair that gets greasy if you so much as walk up a flight of stairs, the laws of real estate also apply to your conditioning routine: location, location, location.  Makes sure you are only applying conditioner to your ends. This will help you go a little longer between washes, since conditioning your roots adds more moisture. For those of you with dryer scalps, mainline that conditioner or oil treatments like it’s your first cold brew on a Monday morning. The additional moisture will help keep your do silky smooth and repel flaking.

Bonus: put tee tree and coconut oil on your scalp before you go in for a blowout - they will wash it out and you’ve just given yourself a great DIY scalp treatment.

Get back to your roots.

How your roots are treated determines how your hair will fall, and your stylist will treat them differently based on your preference, but you have to make that preference known.  If you’ve already got thick hair that borders on unruly and you want a look that is sleek and smooth, let your stylist know that you don’t need any more volume at the root. On the other hand, if you have a bigger-is-better approach to your hair, flip the script and ask for more. Hell, you might even ask them to tease those suckers out a bit.

To use product or not to use product?

If you have a specific product preference or regimen, let your stylist know from the beginning.

Pro tip: you can always BYOP (bring your own product). Then, depending on the style you’re after, the two of you can decide what potions and elixirs the two of you will need to make some hair magic together. Don’t be afraid to take your stylist’s advice, though. They are professionals after all.





Image credit: Refinery29 | Ramirez Tran Salon

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