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Our Secrets To Making Your Blowout Last

Our Secrets To Making Your Blowout Last

There's really nothing like a clean, fresh blowout. Styled to the max and full of volume, we get it - you want those locks to last as long as humanly possible. Blowouts are kind of our thing, so read below to see our top tips to make your blowout last. 

Scrunchies > hair bands

The second you put your hair into a tight bun or pony tail, you're creating odd bends and creases that will literally put dents in your blowout. If you need to pull it back, brush your hair straight up to the top of your head using a bristled paddle brush. From there, wrap hair into a large, loose bun and hold with a soft scrunchy. If your hair is thick, create two buns side by side - Princess Leia style. PS Free People has some really cute ones.

Dry shampoo is your best friend

Your best bet will be a lightweight aerosol dry shampoo like Nexxus New York Salon Care Dry Shampoo Refreshing Mist. Use it in the mornings to preserve your blowout, and make sure to aim it beyond just your roots. Turn your head upside down and spray it throughout the length of hair, then flip your head back up and use a paddle brush to distribute it from roots to ends.

Do not touch!

The natural oils on your skin along with any hand creams you've used throughout the day will dull your blowout by loss of volume and stimulating your scalp to produce oil. We know it's not easy, but avoid touching your hair to keep things fresh.

Add in a restyling spray

After a solid 3-4 days, we suggest reviving your roots with a restyling spray like Oscar Blandi’s Jasmine Protein Mist to bring back the moisture. Spray it on your roots before using a round brush and hairdryer to refresh your blowout. 


Silk pillowcases 

We know it may sounds a little lavish, but a silk pillowcase is one of our top tricks for preserving that blowout. Traditional cotton pillowcases tends to grab and twist hair, resulting in visible frizz and damaged strands. Silk allows hair to glide across the surface which ultimately reduces split ends and ensures a longer-lasting blow out. You could also opt for a silkscarf and wrap it loosely over your hair before bed, too! Our favorite is the Slip Silk Pillowcase from Sephora, and it comes in multiple colors.

There you have it. These secrets should do the trick for that long-lasting blowout. 

Ready, PRÊTE, Go!


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