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These Are The SAG Red Carpet Looks Our Favorite Hairstylists Loved Most

These Are The SAG Red Carpet Looks Our Favorite Hairstylists Loved Most

The red carpet is one of the best places to source hair inspiration. Come award season (aka: right now), everybody’s serving up their finest looks. Even if we’re not walking any red carpets ourselves, we’re firmly in favor of getting glam whenever one wants for any reason. So, we checked in with some of our favorite hairstylists to see what they loved most from the SAG awards red carpet last weekend.

Micki Charles, educator for Elizabeth Arden, The Red Door

Madeline Brewer’s soft wave at the SAG awards is stunning. So often our hair is styled towards our face that it’s refreshing to see all her hair swept backwards. Madeline has prominent high cheekbones that is only complimented by the softness of the wave. The texture is spot on, not too wet or slick looking. Overall her hair is the perfect compliment for her dress and accessories.

Deycke Heidorn

Kate Hudson! What a brave, sophisticated haircut, especially since we’re used to her rocking those perfect blonde beach waves. It was refreshing to see how she paired her new short hairstyle with that romantic pink Valentino dress. (though she did wind up on some worst-dressed lists). I thought it was very eclectic and unexpected with a lot of personality. Don’t we all admire those magic women? Loved her hair color, perfect blonde/dark roots balance. As for how to get the look? A great haircut is everything—make sure the shape you choose for really suits your face.

Brittany, &blowdry

Our favorite look from this years SAG Awards was from the always trendy Yara Shahidi. Her natural big, curls are the perfect contrast to her sleek Ralph Lauren jumpsuit with its long dramatic train. We love the fact that she stayed true to herself and kept her hair natural. She is the epitome of classy and talented.

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Sarah, Blush Beauty Bar Dallas

Ms. Red carpet herself, Margot Robbie, has done it again. I love how effortlessly glam she looks with subtle touches on both hair and makeup. Her blunt lob screams low-key chic! This tousled but sexy hair choice has just a hint of a wave that can be recreated for special occasions or an everyday look. The makeup is subtle but just enough to bring out her natural beauty. Stunning!

Stephanie Angelone, Lead Stylist & Trainer, RPZL

Millie Bobby Brown was the biggest trendsetter on the red carpet.  She rocked her hair in double buns that were each accessorized with the hair accessory of the moment—black ribbons!  She was the most fun beauty look of the night and this will be a hair trend for 2018.    

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