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Treat Yourself to A Fresh Dye Inspired By These 8 Indulgent Foods

Treat Yourself to A Fresh Dye Inspired By These 8 Indulgent Foods

2017 was the year of foodies, and that surprisingly translated from women's pantry shelves to their scalps. If you thought sipping PSLs was basic AF, imagine matching your hair color with your Starbucks order. It sounds extra, but it's surprisingly flattering, and it wouldn't be the first time women have based a fresh dye on their favorite snack. 

1.  Ice Cream

The first hair color craze of 2018 is inspired by ice cream and, as you can imagine, I’m all about it. Halo Top has some of the cutest packaging (I mean, as cute as frozen dessert containers can get, I guess), so when I received word that women were basing their bold dyes on their favorite flavors, I was mind blown.

According to Peter Brokt, National Trainer for salon professional haircare brand Eufora International, your flavor of choice should revolve around your complexion. So while golden skin tones have the green light to go red velvet, he says, cooler skin tones can experiment with out-of-the-box shades, like black cherry.

2.  Pumpkin Spice

Nothing says autumn like sipping a steaming hot PSL on a crisp afternoon, and nothing says basic-chic quite like dying your hair in homage to your favorite beverage.

When I first came across the trend, I thought to myself “it’s official, we’ve outdone ourselves,” but as someone who will literally buy any product advertised as being pumpkin spiced, it’s no surprise I’m obsessed with the light brunette hue splashed with copper undertones. Fall may be far behind us, but the PSL reigns on year-round.

3.  Mulled Wine

I prefer white wine, myself, but winter of 2018 is all about the rosy, mulled shades inspired by a tall glass of merlot. If you ask me, finding a little hairspiration in alcoholic beverages is downright genius and absolutely perfect for the winter season. The berry red shade came on the scene in late December and, judging by its growing Instagram popularity, isn’t going anywhere before spring. Cheers to that!

4.  Soda Cans

Now that we have lattes and boozy bottles covered, it was only a matter of time before some sort of pastel can ignited a new ‘do. La Croix’s artisan can designs are coming alive through hair dye, making rainbow strands just look messy. Ask for one of these soda-alternative- inspired looks is, basically asking your stylist to create a blend of two or three colors that naturally harmonize like the brand’s delicious flavors. Delicious and oh, so dazzling.

5.  Chocolate

The chocolate tresses trend might be old hat, but there’s a reason why, to this day, light goes dark during the cooler seasons. I may be biased, but brunettes are the ones who have more fun, anyway! The deep shade adds a little mystery to the woman who owns the depth, don’t you think?

And the best part about a chocolate box of dyes is there are so many flavors to choose from.  If you’re feeling bold, compare your strands to a pure bar of cacao, or go lighter with a subtle, milky hue.

6.  Eggplant

Who knew that famous emoji (does anyone even know why that caught on in the first place, by the way?) would turn into brilliant inspiration for people who love their dark hair but who are also interested in experimenting with color? The pigmentation literally resembles that of the vegetable; charcoal with a strong purple tint.

7.  PB&J  

While the majority of us were preparing for a feast the week of Thanksgiving 2017, Maryland-based hairstylist Megan Schipani was inventing the hair color we never knew we’d needed. The peanut butter and jelly style is reminiscent of the delicacy exclusive to our childhood lunch, and the photos of grape and nutty-like shades look just as sweet as the combo tastes.

8.  Hot Toddy

When I first heard about Hot Toddy hair, I couldn’t help but stifle a laugh at the idea that heated mugs of whiskey could  inspiring people’s hair colors. But as odd as it sounds, the rich, honey hue is truly gorgeous. Ask your stylist for a kind of light auburn to blonde balayage to achieve the look.

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