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Unwind with Prête

Unwind with Prête

A girl’s bedroom and bathroom are like her own personal haven. It’s where we do our hair and makeup before we go out, it’s where we unwind after a long day with a hot shower and a face mask, and it houses all of our favorite beauty products. The Holidays can be stressful and taking time for yourself is crucial to surviving. Here’s our list of essentials to unwinding and keeping sane when life gets a little hectic and you need time for yourself! Everything from your shower essentials to tips on keeping your favorite products organized, we’ve got you covered!

For your body

  1. You probably think we’re crazy since the first thing on our list is a new shower head. But listen, the shower head your apartment came with is just not cutting it. T3 Micro’s Source Showerhead is a serious game changer. This shower head comes with a filter that reduces free chlorine in your water and removes dirt and odor from your shower head. We know what you’re thinking… there’s dirt in my shower head?! Yes, there absolutely is. Using a shower head with a filter has so many benefits! Without a filter in your shower head your hair is exposed to chemicals in the water that create scalp buildup and leave your hair dry and frizzy.

2. Speaking of upgrades, that loofah you’ve had for way too long has got to go. Ditch your loofah for a Binchotan Charcoal Body Scrub Towel! This is a naturally deodorizing towel and not only does it have odor absorbing qualities but since it’s infused with charcoal it removes toxins and oils from your skin. Unlike your loofah, you can just machine wash this and reuse!

3. Exfoliating is one of the best things you can do for your skin especially with winter approaching! Lush’s The Rough With the Smooth is an exfoliating bar that leaves your skin silky smooth. You can use this before shaving or whenever you want silky smooth skin!  Just pinch of a portion of the bar off and rub it onto wet skin and massage in the butter, rinse and pat dry. The best part about this is that it’s a bar and won’t leave half the scrub on the floor of your shower!

4. Now, let’s move onto the fun stuff. Glossier’s Body Hero Duo is what your skin has been missing. This package comes with Their Daily Oil Wash for the shower and their Daily Perfecting Cream. The Daily Oil Wash literally smells like heaven and is made with seven oils that attract dirt and sweat right out of you and leave you smelling like roses. This comes out as an oil and turns into a soft froth that melts into your skin and leaves your skin hydrated and sweet smelling. Pair this with the Daily Perfecting Cream to moisturize your skin and give you that effortless glow that Glossier is so well known for. No worries at all if you have sensitive skin, their products are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, gynecologist tested, soap free, paraben free, cruelty free, and vegan. This is literally a no brainer to your shower routine!

5. Billie Razor’s are your next best friend. If you’re like us we hate shaving, there’s nothing worse than razor bumps, and just the act of shaving itself takes forever. Billie actually makes shaving enjoyable. These razors get shipped directly to your door so you don’t have to drag yourself to CVS to get a pack of razors. They’re encased in aloe soap, are gentle on sensitive skin, and they’re dermatologist approved! Best of all these razor’s won’t break the bank! A starter kit with a razor and four blades is $9 and you can choose how often you want a fresh pack of razors sent to your house!

6. Let’s face it, washing our hair is an all night event and dry shampoo is our best friend on days that end in Y. Trying to body shower without getting your hair wet is the ultimate struggle, it could seriously be an olympic sporting event.There’s a reason SHHHOWER CAP is in all caps, it’s so good you want to scream about it. Their shower caps are made with nanotechnology fabric that repels water and keeps your blowout perfectly intact. More science for you, it dries instantly so as soon as you step out the shower you don’t have to worry about your shower cap leaving a trail behind you. A shower cap… but make it fashion. This cap comes in fifteen different colors and patterns so you can look and feel your best even when no one is watching.

7. Now that you’re fresh and clean finish your shower routine with a body oil to hydrate your silky smooth skin. Herbivore’s Rose Quartz Illuminating Body Oil packs in hydration and gives you gorgeous glowy skin that isn’t blinding. Apply this to clean dry skin and just massage it in and let it work its magic. This natural oil is formulated with Moroccan Rose and Jasmine and is vegan and cruelty- free! Get your glow on with this oil!

For your mind

8. But wait, we came here for ultimate relaxation guide, and that includes setting the mood. There’s truly nothing like lighting a candle and feeling like all your worries are melting away as a sweet scent fills the air. Voluspa seriously knows candles. They have so many amazing scents to choose from and they’re made with a coconut wax blend. So many candles out there are made with harsh chemicals like phthalates, parabens, and sulfates that we should not be breathing in! Voluspa candles are free from all of these, are cruelty free, and their wicks are 100% cotton. For the perfect night in our favorite scent is Baltic Amber!

9. Sometimes we just want to sit in bed for hours without having to worry about blowing out a candle, we got you covered. Lush’s Twilight Body Spray is made of lavender and tonka notes and seriously makes you feel at peace from the moment you spray it. Lavender is great for calming which is why we like to use this as a room spray too, we even spray our sheets with it so we can dream of lavender.  

10. The best way to destress is when you walk into a perfectly clean and organized room. It helps your brain unwind at the end of a hectic day and it makes mornings when you have to rush out the door so much easier when you know exactly where everything is. Every beauty lovers vanity area is overflowing with products and there’s nothing worse than when you’re running late and can’t for the life of you find your eyebrow pencil or your setting spray. Caboodle’s On the Go Makeup Case is perfect to keep every beauty lover organized. This is the holy grail to keeping your products organized especially for the busy girl boss on the go!

11. Our all time biggest pet peeve about the winter season is how dark it gets! It’s nearly impossible to wake up in the morning and doing your makeup in a poorly lit bathroom is just depressing. Impressions Vanity knows all things vanity. From makeup organizers to cases, to lighting and mirrors they have it all covered. Our all time favorite is their Touch Pro Led Makeup Mirror. Not only does this mirror give you the best light for doing your makeup and skincare routine, it comes with bluetooth audio and speakerphone and comes with a USB charger. Because we all know we need to set the tone and jam out to our favorites songs while we get ready. Thank u, next!

12. Lastly, there’s nothing worse than ending a hectic day with a headache. Saje’s Peppermint Halo roller is the perfect antidote for a headache. Just use the roller on your temples and your hairline and let the oil work it’s magic. For extra cooling you can apply to your neck and shoulders and sit back while your pain subsides. This cooling oil is made with peppermint, lavender, and rosemary and literally melts away your discomfort.

There you have it! Everything to help you unwind this holiday season. Taking care of YOU is your most important job. Sit back and relax this holiday season and book a blowout with Prête! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for all things lifestyle and beauty.



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