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6 Times Julianne Hough's Instagram Gave Us All The #Hairspiration

6 Times Julianne Hough's Instagram Gave Us All The #Hairspiration

The ladies of PRÊTE are totally convinced: Julianne Hough is one of the lucky ones who can dye their hair any color and always look chic. When we came across headlines oohing and ahhing at the dancer’s new look – a deep, burnt orange hue that’s equal parts fierce and sexy as hell – we didn’t have to look to know Hough was a vision in red. Of course, we took a peak anyway.

Have you ever noticed there’s always a “why” attached to every fresh cut? Whether you’re desperate for a drastic switch up after a messy breakup, or just felt particularly bold, we rarely style our strands for no reason. Marriage, Hough said, was hers.

“Being married, something just shifted in my core. I sort of had been living up in like this happy, like air-y space, and I just felt so grounded and rooted, and just this feeling of being a woman, rather than a girl, just like stepping into that womanhood. There’s just something about being a redhead … that just makes me feel really feminine and free, and just connected … I feel sexy.”

There's no denying Hough's new 'do is incredibly sexy, but this isn't the first time the Dancing With The Star's judge was all sorts of #hairspiration. Check out some of our favorite looks below. 

1.    Red Hair Don’t Care

Is it just us or does this ginger hue suit Hough even more than her signature blonde? Make up works miracles, but we’re thinking this red-brown really makes her eyes pop.

2.    The Double Bun

This double bun coif is a cross between Princess Leia and Christina Aguilera circa "Genie In A Bottle." Now that temps are beginning to warm up, we’re thinking this two-for-one style should make a comeback.

3.    Tinkerbell Topknot

Disney princesses, like Ariel and Belle, each have their signature styles, but here at PRÊTE we definitely prefer this pixi-inspired topknot to anything Cinderella has planned for the ball. Not only is Hough’s Tinkerbell impression spot-on, it's très chic, so you can bet next time we go for the high bun, we’ll be embracing dramatic loose strands.

4.    Dramatic Middle Part

Here at PRÊTE, we basically live for a successful, dramatic middle part (because getting every piece of hair to cooperate is no small feat, OK?). Also take note of the striking contrast of brunette to stark blonde from her roots down. One word: flawless.

5.    Half Up, Half Down

Saturdays are for ripped jeans, puppies, and balancing half of your hair in a messy bun on top of your head because it’s the freakin’ weekend, and who honestly has time to do anything but lounge? We’re low-key bitter about the fact that Hough makes even off-duty styles look professional, but a little spritz of our PRÊTE Dry Shampoo should garner the same results.

6.    Pretty In Pink

One glance at her track record and it’s clear: Hough is a fan of colorful tresses. The hue photographed here is surprisingly on-trend right now, thanks in large to millennial pink everything, but we're especially loving the icy strands tousled throughout.


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