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Considering Coloring Your Hair? Read THIS Before You Do!

Considering Coloring Your Hair? Read THIS Before You Do!

Hair color is an addicting, high-maintenance habit. If you’ve never done it, trust us on the ‘addicting’ part—there’s just something empowering and downright fun about changing your look. That said, it’s also expensive, time-consuming and requires some extra TLC. So, if you’ve never sat in a colorist’s chair, we spoke to two of the world’s greatest to get the quick tips you need to read before you make an appointment.

Before You Schedule An Appointment

“If you’ve never colored your hair before bring pictures of what you think you may want the end result to be,” celebrity colorist Sharon Dorram says. “If you are opting for a major change, take the time to go try on wigs first.” You won’t regret making sure you actually love the look you think you want to go for. Finally, Dorram says “make sure you understand the maintenance and upkeep.” (That means making sure your hair care is sulfate-free, too!)


Before your appointment

Don’t wash your hair the day of your color appointment,” says celebrity colorist and creative director for dpHUE, Justin Anderson. “Your hair’s natural oils protect your scalp from color application,” he explains.

During Your Appointment

Three words that Anderson is adamant about—“trust your colorist.” Assuming you put time and research (and maybe hours scrolling through Instagram), you’ve chosen someone whose work you’ve seen and liked and can trust. Of course, you will explain the look you are going for, and show those aforementioned pics, but after that, remember that your colorist is an expert with lots of experience and let them do what they do best!

After Your Appointment

“After your appointment, don’t over shampoo!” Anderson says. He recommends dpHUE’s ACV Hair Rinse, which helps lock in color and allows you to avoid over-shampooing.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 10.28.54 PM.png

For your care regimen, Dorram recommends Virtue’s Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner which nourishes and rebuilds the hair. 

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